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Why the Pen Store for logo pens?

The Pen Store is a website dedicated to quality promotional writing instruments, nothing more, nothing less. One of a series of websites operated by Stupid Tuesday, the Pen Store offers the best in promotional pens, pencils, styluses and highlighters making it a simple process to find the perfect item for your own promotional purposes. With vast experience of the UK promotional sector, the staff at the Pen Store will be happy to help you find the ideal product for your purposes and, to assist in optimising your artwork and image, our creative artwork team will be delighted to provide their highly skilled services.

To us, customer service is all important, in fact we regard it to be as vital as the quality of the promotional products we offer. Our aim as a company is to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied at every point in the buying process and our long list of testimonials shows that we succeed in this aim.

Branded, promotional items are one of the most effective forms of advertising with a very high level of recall for the brands they support and a track record of retention.

Promotional pens

There is nothing new about branded, promotional pens, they've been around for years but that's a big clue as to why they remain so popular – they work! In addition, they needn't break the bank; you can buy pens from just a few pence each at the budget end of the range or for several pounds at the executive end.

Lead times are relatively quick too; from just 1 day in some cases up to a maximum of 10 days in most, so  the branded pens you purchase will be out there working effectively for your brand within a very short space of time.

Branded pens

As for how to use promotional pens; they are the perfect low cost giveaway for your next exhibition or business event and an essential if you're running a conference. At the other end of the price scale, they can be the ideal way to reward valued employees or to incentivise an important customer.

Or you could use them to support a mailing campaign, as promotional pens are light and fit easily in an envelope, increasing the impact and emphasising the power of your message.

So, the Pen Store is the ideal place to find your perfect, branded pen. Make us your first call!