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3 Benefits of Promotional Pens For Your Marketing Campaign

If you are starting a new business, using promotional items such as pens can kick off your marketing efforts very effectively. Such a ‘DIY’ approach may not target the biggest audience but it’s an excellent starting point. But why choose this method?

Promotional pens are cost-effective:
New SMEs usually do not have a large budget to spend and therefore an inexpensive method of targeting their markets. One such method is to purchase promotional pens which, because they are sold in bulk, can have a very low unit cost. For instance, you can buy 500 good quality pens for around £150 or so. Great value when compared with media ads.

Promotional pens can be your calling cards.
Forget your business cards, promotional pens can take their place with ease. Cards are often filed under ‘WPB” (waste paper bin), whereas pens are valued and used daily. So when considering what to print on your pens you should include the name of your company, address, telephone number and web address. In this way, each time customers use your pens they constantly have your name and brand in their hands. Although they may not be in immediate need of your products or services, when they are, the name of your company may be the first supplier they think of.

Promotional pens have great usability.
Just about everyone has need of a good pen. In the office, school or college, in the home or factory, pens are ubiquitous are they not? You find them just about everywhere. It makes sense, therefore, to consider the cost-effective option of a branded promotional pen for your marketing campaign and the Pen Store is a great place to start!

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