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Introducing the Senator Nature Plus Ballpen

If you want to communicate your environmental awareness down to the last detail, yet also love cheerful colours, the Senator Nature Plus Ballpen is the pen for you. Take a look at the journey of this popular pen from source to your desk.

Senator Nature Plus Ballpen (PP-WJ11)

The Journey of the Nature Plus Ballpen

A PLA-based bioplastic (a biodegradable material) make up the visible parts of the Nature Plus ballpen. Derived from renewable and non-finite raw materials (sugar cane). Made from certified cultivation – sugar cane, the PLA is not genetically modified.

Ethical Sourcing

Corbion process the sugar cane into PLA. A member…


Free Setup on System 054 Engraved Ballpens

We’re offering FREE setup on the laser engraved System 054 Ballpen until the end of September. Available in just five working days from approval, this stunning push button ballpen can be yours without paying a setup fee!

With a low minimum order of just 100 units, why not give this a try as part of your next promotion? Prices start from as little as 79p each. For a limited time, the setup is zero!

Offer is subject to stock availability and sight of artwork and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer from Stupid Tuesday.


How popular are promotional pen giveaways?

Promotional pen giveaways are clearly on the rise. With the help of research by the BPMA we’ve been looking at the most common promotional items on the average desk. Pens are inked in at number one!

Promotional pen giveaways are out in front

89% of people interviewed had at least one promotional item on their desk. Promotional pen giveaways are the clear winner, with 66% of those asked saying they have one on their desk.

It’s no surprise. Pens are a simple, low-cost, usable giveaway that everyone loves to receive. Whether just a standard branded plastic pen, or right up to…