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Fab Feb … 1-in-10 free

Purchase any pen from our extensive range in February and we’ll supply 1-in-10 absolutely free!

This great offer applies to budget pens …

We’ve a great selection of budget pens, such as the best-selling Contour range, Senator Super Hit and the Supersaver models. They’re already budget-pleasers and with 1-in-10 free in February, they are even better value.

… as well as our up-market ballpens …

Up-market, executive-style pens are also included in our offer. So, if you are looking to really impress your clients with an elegant ballpen such as the individually-boxed ‘Solutions’ or one of the classy Autograph range, then our 1-in-10 offer will help you extend your budget. The deal even applies at the very top-end of our pen range, with the highly prestigious Waterman ballpens qualifying too.

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To take advantage of Fab Feb’s 1-in-10 offer, call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk

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