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Free Artwork Service Available

Whether you have artwork or not, we’re here to ease the design process.

We at the Pen Store are happy to receive artwork files in the following professional formats: colour separated Vector graphics (Illustrator .eps), JPEG, TIFF or .psd (Photoshop files).

But if you don’t have artwork in these formats, don’t panic!
We can also accept files prepared in desktop packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

And what if you don’t have any artwork at all, well … still don’t panic! Our team of in-house designers, all with degrees in fine art and design, will create superb imagery for you! If all you have is stationery with your logo, or even if you just have a sketch on paper, our designers will work miracles and delight you with the results.

Call 01437 781978 or use sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk if you have artwork queries.

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