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Highlight your Promotion

Logo highlighters for schools, meetings, and trade shows.

Who in the world uses customised highlighters? EVERYONE! Whether your customers are students preparing for exams or lawyers making sure they understand all the facts of their case, individuals all over the world use promotional highlighters.

Highlighters come in all shapes such as circles, flowers, triangles, squares, plus a variety of sizes and colours with a multitude of coloured marking inks. And, unlike most pens, highlighters have a larger than average print area for your logo and message.

Imprinted highlighters are easy to box up and bring along to tradeshows and conventions. If you have any left over, they make for a quick giveaway to new customers or clients visiting your office any time of year. What’s better: a business card or a custom highlighter?

For more information on highlighters call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk

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