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How popular are promotional pen giveaways?

Promotional pen giveaways are clearly on the rise. With the help of research by the BPMA we’ve been looking at the most common promotional items on the average desk. Pens are inked in at number one!

Promotional pen giveaways are out in front

89% of people interviewed had at least one promotional item on their desk. Promotional pen giveaways are the clear winner, with 66% of those asked saying they have one on their desk.

It’s no surprise. Pens are a simple, low-cost, usable giveaway that everyone loves to receive. Whether just a standard branded plastic pen, or right up to branded pen sets, they all serve a marketing purpose.

How do people use promotional products?

Getting your name remembered after a trade show

There are various reasons given for purchasing promotional products. Employee engagement and sales incentives were mentioned by around one third of those who took part. More than half quoted customer recognition as their reason for buying.

Out in front, two thirds of people say they use promotional pen giveaways at trade shows. You’d be foolish not to. They offer a superb, low-cost way of having your company remembered after the event.

A marketing time bomb waiting to go off

Promotional pen giveaways are like ticking marketing time bombs. They’ll always be there acting as a constant reminder of your brand. While they might not produce sales immediately, their constant presence on the desk will eventually lead to that all important call or email being made. That’s where you really see the return on investment coming to the fore.

If you’ve got a trade show coming up and don’t have much time to plan for it, don’t worry. Here at Pen Store we’ve put together an express range of branded writing instruments available in one week or less.

Research was conducted by the BPMA at Marketing Week Live 2017 and B2B Marketing Expo. 200 qualified face to face and online interviews with professional buyers of promotional products.