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Why you might want to consider promotional pens to…

If you are looking to grow your brand, you might be considering using promotional merchandise. Using branded merchandise gives your company a professional feel and can offer a valuable advertising platform that has longevity. Brand recall is very high when it comes to promotional merchandise – 83% of people stat they can recall the brand they have a promotional item from.

One of the most popular promotional items is the promotional pen. Whether you are in a bank, signing for a house or in a working environment, you are probably going to need a pen at some point. In fact it’s believed that in 2014 over 150 million promotional pens were given away to customers.

Why Order Promotional Pens?
Why would you use promotional pens to promote your business?

Easy to Store – A major benefit with pens is that they are easy to store. You can keep 100s of pens in a draw, whereas other promotional merchandise such as promotional mugs tend to take up precious storage space around the house.
Inexpensive – At Stupid Tuesday super saver pens start from as little as £0.12 per unit making them an investment with little financial risk.

Low Cost per Impression – Studies suggest that when compared to other forms of advertising pens (along with mugs) have a very low cost per impression. In fact, it’s believed to be less than 1p per view.

Favourably Advertising – Promotional merchandise is considered a favourable form of advertising, as it is non intrusive with the user getting something of use as a result. Who doesn’t like a free gift!

Quick Lead Time – Promotional Pens also come with a quick lead time which makes it much easier when making any late marketing decisions.

Big Brands Using Promotional Merchandise
Even big brands are turning to promotional merchandise with the likes of Compare the Market focusing on giving away a free Meerkat Toy to increase and reward their customer base. While competitors Confused.com have also taken to giving away a free toy when you buy car or home insurance, no doubt as a result of the Meerkat’s popularity.

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